Fringed Mocs, High-Cut

Fringed Mocs, High-Cut
Choose your hide
Design Selections
Choose your hide colour
Choose your lining material
Choose your insole option
Choose your standard Ladies (US) shoe size. (Custom foot patterning will still be offered.)
Other design selections - fringed mocs
Choose a second color for two-tone
Choose your standard Mens (US) shoe size. (Custom foot patterning will still be offered.)

Built to size, Fringed Mocs are available in either ankle height or high cut styles.  They have a high density comfort foam insole layer between the lining and foot bed.  For outdoor wearing comfort, comfort insoles with light heel cup and arch support are available.  A walk-base vulcanized rubber layer is standard on the second exterior leather outer sole - these are outdoor mocs, made to contend with concrete and other hard summer surfaces.  These moccasins are hand-sewn and now feature the more stream-lined, canoe-stitched toe seams.  If you prefer the older covered toe seams, they are still available as an option under "design selections".  Winter lining options also available. 

Each pair comes with a little bling or signature touch around the top of the fringe, beadwork is optional.  Base price on the Fringed Mocs is $149.00 for high cut ($129.00 for ankle height).  Base price is for any color Alaska split hide (suede finish), decorative trim around the top of the fringe, crepe outer sole, double stretch cotton lining and comfort insoled.

(If you prefer to confirm your custom order with a 50% deposit or would like to set up an instalment plan towards your purchase, please contact us here to make the arrangements.)

by Heather Hill on Feb 03, 2022

Shannon is an excellent artist and crafts woman.She made a pattern up for me based on a photo of Moccasins I wore as a child. Couldn’t be more pleased. And Shannon is very wonderful to deal with, too.

by Heather Hill Metis Artist on Feb 03, 2022

As I said Shannon graciously made a 2 pair of moccasins I wore as a child, for me , I showed her a photo and she made it happen. They best quality leather. They’re like butter.
She also made a couple different pairs for my family a total of6 pair. Because she didn’t want any chance of them being late at Christmas, she graciously wrapped them then sent them straight to their address.
Shannon was one of the most delightful artisans I’ve had the pleasure of ordering from.
And good to her word.

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