Virtual Learning - Infant/Toddler Wrap-Around DIY Kit

Virtual Learning - Infant/Toddler Wrap-Around DIY Kit
Choose your hide colour
Would you like the beads included? Also includes beading needles and thread.
Sole finish
Choose a second color for two-tone
Which size pattern would you like?
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For those that live too far from us here in Winnipeg to be able to attend classes in person, we are happy to support you through remote learning!  With the purchase of a kit, you will be invited to a private class Facebook group with access to video tutorials, one-on-one chats, and the ability to post questions along the way if required.

Sometimes the joy is in making your own, so if you're a crafty individual, the Infant/Toddler Wraps making kit is for you!

Base price includes all standard materials needed to make your pair from top to bottom... your choice of color (or colors) in the standard suede hide, your choice of color for fleece lining, needles, thread, lacing etc.  If you wish to select different leather beyond the standard, you may do so as well - those options are all listed in the dropdown menu - you can even add rubber soles if you'd like to.  Details of your plan; single color or two-tone etc, will be confirmed before your order is cut.  We'll make sure you've got what you need to create the look you want!

You can choose any size for your Wraps kit - the pattern used for your wraps will be included with the materials and instructions for your reference and use.  Option to add the full book of pattern sizes is available.  Exterior soles are machined and lace holes are punched for you prior to shipping, so no need for specialty tools.

If you've purchased our Wraps making course materials or attended our classes, but just don't want the hassle (or expense!) of seeking out everything required, the Wraps kit is perfect for you.  Purchase of your kit comes with the course material and ogoing support for current and future projects - just like our students able to attend classes in person!

As kits can only be compiled once an order is received, please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping of your kit.  If you are submitting your details for custom patterning, it will be within 2 weeks of those requirements being received.

Happy Creating!

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