Traditional Beaded Moccasins Making Class - final session

Traditional Beaded Moccasins Making Class - final session
Choose your hide colour
Choose a second color for two-tone
Choose your leather type
Choose your lining material
Class Fees
Would you like the beads included? Also includes beading needles and thread.

What are you up to in the summer days to come?  Looking for a few fun evenings out doing something creative with like-minded folks?  Come hang out with us - have fun learning a new craft and walk out with an amazing project to wear!

If you live in or near Winnipeg, you're in luck... Northern Heart Designs is hosting a three week course to teach you how to make your very own moccasin slippers.  This will be the only moccasin slippers session for 2022!  If you've ever wanted to create your own now is the time - but don't wait as we expect this class to fill up quickly! 

Tell me more? We'd be happy to...

What: Northern Heart Designs will be teaching a "How to Make Traditional Moccasin Slippers" class, live and in person.  If you are remote and unable to attend, please see our courses and kits section - you are able to participate virtually as part of the online class group and video tutorials along with your 

When: Three Monday evenings from Aug 28st - Sep 18th from 7pm-10pm (No class Mon Sep 4th).  This will be our final session for 2023 and the last class in our summer lineup.

Where:  Under our market tent classroom space, 721 Parkhill St, Winnipeg.  This is an outdoor open air space where you can enjoy the fresh air while you work!

Investment: Total cost for materials, supplies with 3 weeks of in-class instruction and ongoing support for future projects (including patterning and instructions) is $130 (taxes in).  Like all things, you do get what you pay for - we use only premium hides, materials and sole material in our only the best for our students as well.  

What you'll learn:  Patterning for any size foot, beginning with a foot tracing (custom or standard sizes), how to properly handle and prepare all of the materials, beading, sewing and construction - everything to make a complete pair of moccasins from start to finish (and be able to make more in the future should you wish!).  You may also choose to learn leather weave or applique if you do not wish to bead.  As a bonus, you will gain the knowledge of how to craft some different styles and understand the basics of creating other footwear as well.

Make your color choices and let your imagination soar!  At the end of this course, you'll walk out with your very own custom handmade pair of moccasin slippers!

All of your materials will be supplied based on your choices. You get to choose the colour (or colours if you'd like to do two-tone) for the standard suede hide and rabbit fur. Standard lining materials, sinew, threads, needles, adhesives, insole etc are included. *If you wish to pay the additional cost of materials - like different leathers or lining beyond the standards, you are welcome to (those options are available in the drop down menus).  Students will only be required to supply some simple personal use tools like scissors, needle nose plyers, pen etc.

Payment details/Cancellation Policy

A deposit of $65 is required to register and the balance of $65 is required on or before the start date - or you may choose to pay the full amount with registration.

Deposits can be refunded if cancellation notice is given to us prior to one week from start date. No deposit refunds will be made after one week from start date. 

As always, please feel free to send a message if you have any questions. We look forward to teaching you how to make your own fringe bag our way - with all the little quality controls, leather sewing tips and tricks learned over the years!

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