Double Trim Gauntlets

Double Trim Gauntlets
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Built to size, the Double Trim Ladies Gauntlet has a leather front and back on the hand section, leather on the underside of the forearm and two sections of fur separated by a leather section on the the top side of the forearm.  They come with a single image of Level 1 beading on the back of the hand, small accent beading between the fur sections included.  Level 2 beading, Level 3 beading and more extensive bead selections (Level 4) are available. 

Made to hold up to extreme cold, The double trim gauntlets are available with either 100% shearling (real sheepskin) lining, fleece-backed artificial shearling or double fleece lining. Base price on Double Fur Trime gauntlets in adult sizes is $249.00. 

Base price includes any color Alaska split hide (suede finish), any color rabbit fur, beading selection and your choice fleece-backed artificial shearling or double fleece lining for the interior.  Options include leather or fur upgrades, fringes, additional bead work or having decals (supplied by the buyer) attached.

(If you prefer to confirm your custom order with a 50% deposit or would like to set up an instalment plan towards your purchase, please contact us here to make the arrangements.)

by Ilona McEachern on Feb 03, 2022

Oh my gosh... Northern Heart Designs comes straight FROM the heart! I had the extreme pleasure of working with Shannon Denney-Edwards last year. She masterfully executed what I had in mind for my own authentic set. I chose gorgeous blues and purples for the beadwork in a dragonfly pattern, using black bison hide with black beaver fur, and sheep shearling for extra warmth. With the cold weather we've had, I proudly wear them every chance I get with my matching mukluks! ❤❤

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