Beadwork Tutorial + support

Beadwork Tutorial + support
Would you like the beads included? Also includes beading needles and thread.
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Our basic beadwork tips and tricks are included in the course materials for products that regularly include beading, but if you've ever just wanted to learn how to make patterns for or do embroidery style beadwork like we do, we are happy to help!  Beadwork is definitely one of those things that you can only learn by doing, so having remote access to someone who can answer your questions or help you with little snags when they happen is a fantastic way to learn a new skill.

The Beadwork Tutorial includes our written tips and tricks, access to video tutorials as well as ongoing support to answer questions that pop up as you're learning (email, messenger, live chat).  You're welcome to learn with your own materials or choose to have materials supplied for you.  Adding any of our patterns to your order is also an option.  If you choose to add beads, we will send you the beads required to recreate the pattern as shown, as well as beading needles and thread.  If you are choosing a pattern without beads and also don't want a physical stencil - electronic delivery only, please use coupon code EMAIL to waive shipping at checkout.

For numerous example of availbale patterns, please visit the galleries section to see the various beadwork galleries.

Galleries | Northern Heart Designs

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